standard issue

standard issue 2014

Yet people call me the African, but I am neither from Africa, nor from Europe, nor from Arabia. I do not come from any country, any city or any tribe. I am a son of the road. My home is the caravan and my life is among the most unexpected of the wandering.
-- Hassan al-Wazzan, aka Leo Africanus
   Arabian historian, traveler, 16th century
Standard issue is made for the road - essential pieces that travel easily, lightly, are versatile, and above all else functional. We do this thing called the “dosa shake” – spray with water, bunch it up, then a few gentle snaps of the wrist and a garment is good to wear straight out of the luggage. Within the movement and flux of life, these clothes provide a sense of continuity and identity.
Standard issue is produced every year, always evolving with the adoption of practical details or road-tested adjustments. Shapes are based upon everyday, vernacular uniforms from across the world’s fields and roads, especially India: rabari shepherd jacket, kurta, cossack top, dashiki. Taking inspiration from Korean white porcelain ware, the clothes evoke lightness with over 10 shades of white.
As a cornerstone of dosa, content is rigorously considered. We use organic, natural dyed, hand loomed materials and employ hand stitching wherever possible.
header photo: Tom Mannion